Wednesday, August 28, 2013

first week of school

Hi all! It's been a great week so far! Except for the little fact that my sweet little 16 month old boy got strep throat yesterday and I am out with him today. So I miss all your little ones but my boy is pitiful and definitely needs me at home. I should be back tomorrow!

So here's what we've been up to so far this week. Check out some of the fun read-alouds we're doing in class.
Side note: Does anyone else get super giddy when you see back-to-school books? I LOVE them and just added some fun new ones to my collection including an e-book called Third Grade Angels (not pictured).  Ask your children about the themes of these books. We're discussing theme all week!
We have also been using Nearpod a ton during math time, which is an interactive lesson for students, somewhat like a PowerPoint but with interactive slides and quizzes. Students are loving that they can take quizzes, or as I call them tickets out the door, on the new material and find out what they missed instantly.

Also, ask your child about their Telegammi they created! THAT was so much fun and we tied in diversity with it after reading a book called The Crayon Box that Talked. Each one of us is unique and brings great things to our class. This app let us showcase those awesome differences!

Take a look at how engaging it is to be in an iPad classroom! Here we are doing an iPad scavenger hunt to help us locate and become familiar with fun educational apps on the iPad.

Along with all of this, I have the wonderful job of testing, testing, testing! So over the next couple of weeks, I will be testing each child to find out his/her reading levels. In two weeks, we will have the BOG (Beginning of Grade test). All of this testing is essential to getting an idea of where your child is academically. So bear with me as I spend more time than I'd like testing and hopefully can get it done as quick as possible so I can get back to what I love: teaching!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Open House & some thanks

First, I would like to thank you all for coming to Open House last night. We had a great turnout!! How fun to see everyone! I was so excited to see my students from last year (who have grown so much over the summer!) as well as my newbies (I can tell they are already going to be a great addition to our class!).  And parents, you all seem so invested in your children and ready to embark on a new school year as well!

It's a good thing you all can't see what goes on the couple of hours before Open House begins. It's mayhem! I don't know how we all pull it together sometimes but we manage and hopefully your children shared in the excitement of this Meet the Teacher night with us! 

I hope your students loved the Photo Booth and taking pictures with each other. I have some pretty hilarious pictures of them! I also hoped they enjoyed the Aurasma video that informed them they are going to be a part of an iPad classroom this year. I was so excited for them to find out the great news! There are only four iPad classes in the school and we are one of them. We will be using the iPads to enhance instruction with educational apps that are interactive and engaging for your children. We are certainly blessed to be a part of this! I hope you will share in my excitement and have conversations with your children about what they are learning through technology (as well as all academic subject areas). 

As we start this first week of school, I want to let you know I will be testing your child's reading level and starting new math curriculum with them. There will be no math homework at all this year (please see my homework page for more info on this) and usually they will have reading homework but not this first week. Their homework this first week is to send back all those important forms that were on their desk at Open House and to send in money for the agenda ($5), field trip t-shirt ($8) and Time for Kids ($5). You can send in all $18 in one check and make it out to our school. So other than that, no homework until I determine your child's reading level. I definitely suggest getting a jump start on reading at home every night though! And grab some multiplication flash cards and get a head start! 

 Wow, the Google Form you guys helped fill out was a great success! It went to a spreadsheet for me so now all I have to do is check that spreadsheet for all your information. Thanks again for doing that!

I am so enthusiastic about this upcoming school year! If you need anything, please contact me through notes in the agenda or email that I check daily. I make mistakes-I am human after all-so let me know if you have a question or concern about something. Communication is key!

See all your children's bright smiles on Monday morning!