I have a positive approach to discipline. We are all entitled to a not so perfect day. How nice would it be for someone to give us a chance to turn the day around and start over? That's how this works!

Students have the opportunity to clip up or down depending upon their behavior. If they demonstrate good behaviors, they can move up the clip chart. If they make poor choices, they move down their clips. At this point, they may receive a consequence. The good news is that students don't have to stay on that color, as long as they turn their day around and make better choices.   

I will be giving out classroom rewards based on a point system! Each student will receive a new "game board" each month. Students will receive a stamp on their game board for their final clip status if it's Read to Learn or better each day. If they are on Ready to Learn or better all month, they will receive a Grand Prize. There will also be other prizes along the way (if they have some days not on green or higher, they still have the opportunity to receives some prizes like a pencil or stinky feet day) on their game boards. New game boards start over each month so if they didn't get all the way to the "Grand Prize" at the end, they have a chance the next month!

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